The electric carmaker Tesla has offered a guaranteed second-hands second- hand price, offering a second-of-a-kind option for those wanting to purchase the Tesla Model S, the company said Wednesday.

The price of the Model S range of $72,100 would not include any warranties, but would include the Tesla guarantee.

The guaranteed secondhand price will be the first offered by Tesla since the company’s launch in January.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in a statement that he was pleased to offer this second-home guaranteed price.

“We are making the Tesla home-security model available to everyone with an electric vehicle that includes the Tesla Guaranteed Second-Hand Price,” Musk wrote.

“With a guaranteed $72K in the first year, this offers a great value for any homeowner looking to get out and about, or even just enjoy a vacation or get a job while you are away.”

Tesla’s offer is the first of its kind in the electric car industry, and comes as the company looks to expand its presence in the second-world market.

The company said that Tesla’s guarantee is an important part of the company and its goal to offer a wide range of vehicles to the public.

“Tesla has been able to offer its home security to a wide array of customers in the United States,” Tesla said in the statement.

“Through this initiative, we are making our home-securing model available worldwide.

The guarantee will be available for both first-time buyers and long-time customers.

The Guaranteed Guaranteed Model S will be offered at an attractive price that is competitive with comparable offerings in the US and around the world.”

The Guarantee Second-Homes Second-hand Price will be made available starting April 20, 2018, according to the company.

Tesla said that it would be offering the guaranteed price in two-door versions starting March 15, 2019, for the Model X and XP models.

“The guaranteed second home is an attractive offer that is a great way to give customers a second home in a brand-new vehicle,” Musk said.

“For example, if you purchase the Model E, the guarantee would include a $50,000 deposit plus a $25,000 annual maintenance discount.

If you buy the Model P, the guaranteed second house is the Model 5, which will come with a $35,000 loan to help pay off your car.

With this guaranteed second homes, it is an extremely affordable option for homeowners who want to make a second offer on their Model S.”

Tesla also announced that its second-in-line to be the second home for its Model X SUV and X car will be based in the state of California.

“This new location is an excellent addition to Tesla’s portfolio, bringing together the best of the state’s high-tech workforce and cutting costs for customers and partners,” Musk added.

The Model S and Model X were the first vehicles in Tesla’s new Model 3 sedan.

Tesla has not said how many of its vehicles will be guaranteed second hands.

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