Tesla’s stock rises as demand for the Model 3 continues to soar

Tesla’s latest earnings report was a big hit with investors, as demand grew for the new electric vehicle from consumers who want a larger car.The stock surged 2.6% after the report, up from 1.7% on Thursday, when analysts predicted Tesla’s Model 3 would be sold out before the end of the year.Tesla’s shares surged 1.4% on the Nasdaq on Friday.Tesla […]

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Tesla to sell ‘second hand’ car to Hong Kong buyers

HK$6.6 billion ($2.8 billion) is to be invested by Tesla in its Hong Kong venture after the company’s second-hand car business was launched last month.The company’s new car business has raised questions about whether it can deliver on its promise of a more affordable and reliable electric car.Tesla will buy cars from Hong Kong carmaker Teslas and a third-party for […]

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