Car-makers are trying to make the first car from a box, but the challenge is huge.

The new Volkswagen Golf R is a three-wheeled car with no steering wheel, pedals, or pedals, but it looks amazing and it sounds really good too.

It will go on sale in the US next month and the UK this April.

The Volkswagen Golf was developed by the German firm Volkswagen Group in partnership with the Italian car maker Ferrari.

It uses two diesel engines with a single turbocharger and uses a battery pack that’s a whopping 20 percent larger than the current Golf R’s.

The two engines share the same compressor, which produces around 3,000bhp and 5,000lb ft of torque.

Volkswagen has said that the Golf R has a range of 300 miles on the highway, although the company has not yet revealed a figure.

It is powered by a twin-turbo V6, with twin turbochargers that produce more power.

It is also able to reach 100km/h in just 5.2 seconds.

Volkswagen claims that the engine is 20 percent lighter than the previous generation Golf R, which is also capable of 60km/hour in just 2.5 seconds.

It has a maximum range of 200 miles.

The Golf R will be available in three different variants, with a base model costing $25,500, and a Sport model costing an extra $10,000.

What are the problems?

Volkswagen’s new Golf R uses two diesels, which means there’s no steering column, pedals or pedals.

Instead, the car relies on electric motors to drive the wheels.

It also uses a new engine architecture that will produce more torque, and more energy, than the Golf’s.

It’s also much lighter, weighing in at just 880kg (1,400lbs).

The Golf R also has a lot more room for passengers.

It weighs in at 818kg (2,060lbs), which is almost double that of the current Volkswagen Golf.

Volkswagen says the new Golf’s cabin space is 8.2 cubic metres (34.6 square feet).

That’s nearly twice as much as the current model Golf R. But it’s not the only car to use a radically new design.

Last year, BMW unveiled the new X5 SUV, which was built from scratch.

It had a rear seat, a more spacious cargo area and a large rear trunk.

The X5 is also lighter and less expensive than the new Volkswagen’s Golf R in many respects.

Volkswagen’s X5 will be sold in the UK and the US from the beginning of April, but we don’t know when it will hit the roads in the rest of the world.

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