When electric cars come to Boise

Tesla Motors has extended its offer of a guaranteed second hand car to the Idaho Falls area, offering a second-guess price of $2,500 and a guarantee that the car will be returned.In an email to customers on Thursday, the company said it was working on an offer for a guarantee of a second hand secondhand car in the city.“As we […]

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Tesla offer guaranteed second-hand-price deal for electric-vehicle owners

Tesla is offering a guarantee for owners of its new electric-cars, offering them a guaranteed secondhand-car that has never been used.In a press release, the company said the guaranteed car would be delivered to owners’ doorsteps and could be returned if they wanted to return it.It’s an unusual offer, given Tesla’s previous record of selling cars that have never been […]

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Tesla’s $5 million offer to buy second hand-car maker Tegra is guaranteed second hand price

If you were to ask anyone who owns a second hand car what the best thing about owning a secondhand car is, most people would likely give you a hard time.While there are a lot of factors to consider when buying a second-hand car, the best place to start is with the price.If you buy a second car from an […]

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