Tesla Motors has extended its offer of a guaranteed second hand car to the Idaho Falls area, offering a second-guess price of $2,500 and a guarantee that the car will be returned.

In an email to customers on Thursday, the company said it was working on an offer for a guarantee of a second hand secondhand car in the city.

“As we work to secure this offer, we want to make sure that we do not run into any problems,” Tesla wrote.

Tesla did not say when it was going to issue the offer.

The company did not offer any information about the offer, but Tesla said it wanted to give customers a guarantee, since they would have to keep the car for six months.

When the car is not in the car bay it will be stored at a Tesla store.

The company said that if the buyer does not wish to return the car within the six month period, it will provide the vehicle with a second guarantee of $1,000, which would be refunded if the car fails to perform as advertised.

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