A new law passed by the Idaho legislature last month allows people to own second- and third-hand vehicles, but it does not make it legal to drive them on public roads.

It also bars owners from driving on private property unless the owner is authorized to do so by a private owner.

The bill also prohibits owners from selling vehicles at auction or for resale to the public.

A spokesperson for the Idaho House of Representatives confirmed the new law was passed last month.

He said the bill is not in effect for now.

It would be unlawful to operate a motor vehicle on any public road without the written permission of the owner or lessee.

If the owner cannot obtain permission, then the vehicle is subject to seizure, forfeiture, or the loss of title to the vehicle.

The bill would also prohibit a person from using a motorized vehicle, whether or not the motor vehicle is a secondhand vehicle, for a purpose other than that for which the motorized or other vehicle is being operated.

In 2017, the Idaho State Police began enforcing the law, according to a news release from the Idaho Department of Revenue.

The law also allows the Idaho Transportation Department to enforce the law by enforcing the Idaho Motor Vehicle Law and the Idaho Traffic Code.

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