A new electric car maker has come to Boise and offered a guarantee to its customers if they have the car for at least two years.

Tesla announced the initiative on its website, as well as on Twitter.

The announcement comes a few weeks after a local car dealership owner told a local news outlet that Tesla offered to provide the car to its employees for free, according to the Boise News.

The dealership owner, who requested anonymity, said that after receiving the Tesla offer, she immediately began to negotiate with the company.

The offer was made for two years and the customer has the option to accept or decline the offer.

According to the company’s website, the guarantee is only offered to employees who are able to purchase a secondhand vehicle for a set amount of time.

The company said that the guarantee will only be valid for the first year of ownership.

If you do not qualify, the company will refund your deposit or take the car back to you for another two years at a price that is the same or less than the purchase price.

Tesla has also stated that the guaranteed secondhand price is a percentage of the purchase cost of the vehicle.

Tesla’s offer is not the first time the company has offered its customers a guaranteed second-handship for free.

In October, Tesla offered a guaranteed car for a third of the price of a conventional car.

That company also said it would refund its deposit if the customers chose not to purchase the car.

In October, Toyota announced that it would offer a guaranteed vehicle for free in Tacoma.

Tesla’s announcement follows similar announcements made by Ford and GM in October.

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