Tesla Motors has announced that it is offering a guaranteed second-hand price for its electric-vehicle model, and it is going to offer a guaranteed guaranteed secondhand price to buyers of the Model S sedan.

The carmaker’s new deal with Tesla, which it has been working on for a few years, comes after it announced last month that it would buy the luxury carmaker.

The car manufacturer’s plan to buy Tesla, a carmaker that is on the verge of bankruptcy, came as the company is currently facing criticism from regulators over its handling of battery and battery cell issues.

Tesla Motors will also provide a guaranteed price for the Model 3, its top-of-the-line model, that will be offered in 2019, as well as a guaranteed discount for the first-generation Model S, which was released in March.

The company will also offer a guarantee on the purchase price for Model 3s, with an option to pay a lower price.

Tesla will sell Model 3 models at an annual price of $65,000, but its annual lease payment is currently $10,000 per vehicle, which is the same as the $65k Tesla Model S.

The deal will be a welcome boon for Tesla Motors and the car maker.

The carmaker had been planning to sell the Model III to consumers, and now the deal will give it a guarantee to buy the Model X, its best-selling model, at a price closer to that of the previous model, the Model Y. Tesla is also expected to offer discounts on its own vehicles, including the Model SE and the Model P, which were initially offered for a fraction of the price of the current Model S and Model X.

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