As Idahoans prepare to vote for the first time in a decade, it is clear that the first person to win the presidency in a presidential election is going to be a Democrat.

But there are some who are looking ahead to the next election cycle, including Idaho State Senate Majority Leader Mike Kowalski, who has said he is looking forward to being a senator in 2022.

“I would be the first in the country,” Kowalksi told The Idaho Statesman.

“I don’t think we’ve had the opportunity to really build out our state, really build it up to where it is today.

It’s going to take us some time to get it right, but I believe we are going to make it work.”

The Idaho Senate is the third highest in the United States.

But it has been called “Boiling Pot” in recent years because it has historically voted along party lines.

Kowaldski is running as a Democrat, while his running mate is the Republican incumbent, Sen. Bob Harms, R-Rochester.

Kovach, a Democrat running for governor, has been the first Republican to win a state senate race in Idaho in decades.

While Kowalki is a Democrat and the two have a friendly relationship, he has also been critical of some Republicans in the legislature.

In April, the two of them voted against a bill that would have required Idahoans to get a medical card for all new births.

The bill was defeated in a 26-18 vote.

“This is something that really needs to be addressed,” Kovich said in the April 21 editorial board of the Idaho States Journal.

“We need to get serious about getting the bills done in a bipartisan way.

We need to focus on the health care issues and not the other issues.”

When Kowallis running for the Senate in 2022, he also criticized Republicans for voting against a measure that would make Idaho the second state in the nation to require birth certificates.

Kwoldak has said that the requirement for birth certificates was part of an effort to “politicize” the birth certificate issue.

“That was not an effort at all to create a more welcoming state for immigrants,” Kwolak said in an interview with the Idaho State Press.

“That was a political move.”

He also said that there is an “overrepresentation” of Democrats in the Legislature and “there’s a real problem with the way that legislators are representing their constituents.”

Kowalki, a former city councilman, was first elected to the state Senate in 2010 and then re-elected in 2014.

He has held the seat since 2015.

Kowaldi has long been a vocal critic of the federal government.

Kowing said during a 2015 debate that he would oppose any government spending if it included “the largest piece of money in Idaho’s history: a $7 billion bailout of a failed airline.”

Kovach has said the government should focus on “economic development,” which he believes is best for Idahoans.

In his 2016 state senate campaign, Kowak said he would make it easier for businesses to open and have more people in the workforce.

“We need a strong economy that can create good-paying jobs that people can make good money,” Kowski said.

“If we can’t get those jobs in the state, we can at least get them out of Washington and into the U.S. They’re really the engines of our economy.”

Kowealk also said he believes that the state needs to expand Medicaid, a government program that provides health care for low-income people.

“When you have one of the lowest health care costs in the world, and you’re one of only a handful of states that doesn’t have that, you have a huge economic incentive to get more people insured,” Kowealks said in 2015.

The Idaho House has also voted to repeal a bill signed by the governor that would allow the state to open up to six new coal mines to generate power.

The coal industry in the region, including the two proposed mines, are expected to create nearly a half-million jobs, Kowealski said at the time.

Kowealsk said he was “absolutely not” interested in participating in the process that is currently under way, but he noted that his state has been “taken out” of the coal industry by the federal administration.

“So I’m looking forward, as a state, to being part of that,” he said.

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