A new survey of car owners in the UK has revealed the best-selling hand cars in the country.

The study by car dealership Autonomy, commissioned by the UK’s carmaker Ford, found that the Ford Fiesta was the most popular choice among the most loyal owners.

Autonomy also found the Ford Focus was the best overall choice.

It found that Ford Focus owners were the most likely to choose a Ford Fiesta over a Toyota Camry. 

The survey, which also included a list of cars that could be considered the best cars in their price range, also found that owners of luxury cars were the biggest supporters of the Ford Mustang.

Autonomics also found owners of the Range Rover Discovery were the best at predicting which model would be the most successful.

It is not the first time that Ford has come out ahead of the Fiesta.

Last year, Ford won the Autonomy award for the best luxury car for the third time. 

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