The best-selling electric-car maker Tesla Motors is offering guaranteed second hand cars at the same price as its traditional-car rivals, making it the world’s most affordable second-hands.

The news follows a report last month that said the carmaker would soon offer a guaranteed second-handed model for around $7,500. 

“For the first time, the Tesla brand has made its first-ever guaranteed secondhand car available to consumers for just $7000,” the automaker said in a statement.

“This is the first guaranteed second car ever offered in the US.”

With this guarantee, Tesla is continuing its efforts to become the most competitive and reliable electric car brand in the world.

“The guaranteed second cars are currently available to customers who have pre-purchased the Model S, Model X and Model 3 and have the same purchase price.

However, it is unclear when these cars will become available to general public customers.

Tesla has been working on a second-guessing program since 2013.

The automaker was criticised for offering a secondhand vehicle to the general public that was sold for less than the cost of the traditional car, and that has been criticized by environmental groups and some consumers.”

Tesla’s second-best selling model right now is the Model 3, which costs about $85,000 less than its traditional counterpart,” said the Sierra Club’s Michael Brune.”

But this second-gen Tesla Model 3 isn’t a luxury car.

It’s a luxury SUV.

That’s why it’s called a luxury model.

That makes it the second-most expensive car on the planet.

“Tesla has also said it would be interested in buying the secondhand Model 3 from Toyota if it became available.

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