Tesla’s first self-driving car, the Model S, has been hailed as a revolutionary product that has the potential to transform the lives of millions of people.

But the first few hundred thousand units have already sold out and the company is now selling the vehicle for about Rs 2,500-3,000 ($3,600-$8,200).

This, despite the fact that it is not yet fully autonomous.

Tesla, a British carmaker, said it would charge its drivers a monthly premium for a second hand Tesla.

This means the cost of the second hand vehicle, including the insurance, is at a staggering Rs 1.4 lakh ($1,600) per month.

Tesla’s plan to charge drivers a second car insurance premium has been widely criticised, especially by politicians and other experts.

The car insurance plan is not the only way the company plans to reduce the cost to consumers.

The company is also reportedly considering a range of other costs.

The car insurance costs, however, are not the first concern for many Indian consumers.

In fact, the government has been considering a car insurance subsidy scheme for two years, and its proposed cost of Rs 1,200-1,400 per month for a car is not far off the cost for a self-drive vehicle.

In a recent report by the World Bank, India’s auto industry had the highest level of pollution.

The report found that the country’s auto sector was one of the most polluted in the world, with more than 40% of its vehicles emitting a level of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) exceeding the WHO standard.

While India’s economy is struggling, many people are struggling to save for their car insurance.

Many of the cars being sold in India cost over Rs 10 lakh ($3.2,800) per year, and are not affordable for the average family, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF).

This is a problem as the country has one of India’s lowest per capita car insurance rates, at just Rs 1 per mile.

According to the WEF, Indian consumers are among the most likely to be negatively impacted by a car accident, as they spend about half of their income on insurance.

This makes the car insurance scheme a big concern.

A second hand premium model that is more affordable is also in the works.

Earlier this year, Toyota India launched its second hand auto insurance product.

This premium car insurance service is being rolled out in cities across India.

“We want to provide an affordable alternative to our customers that have to pay a high premium for their vehicle.

We have set out to make this model affordable to consumers with a new product in the marketplace,” said Tsubasa Bhatt, president of Toyota India.

“The second-hand car insurance product, which is priced at Rs 1 lakh ($2,200), is designed to provide affordable and flexible insurance solutions to our clients in the auto sector,” he added.

With such low costs, consumers are going to be able to choose the model they want to buy and not pay a premium for the first time.

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