A few months ago, a startup called Second Hand Car brought Bluetooth speakers to market.

Now they’ve been selling their speakers at Amazon, and now the company is hoping to bring the same technology to other retailers.

While Second Hand Cars claims to be the first to bring Bluetooth speakers directly to the consumer market, the company also has a new product line of second hand cars that can be connected to an Amazon Echo Dot to control the music, and to your car.

The company’s product, called SecondHand Cars Bluetooth speaker, is essentially a second hand Bluetooth speaker with a built-in Bluetooth speaker system.

Unlike other Bluetooth speakers, Second Hand cars are all Bluetooth speakers that you can plug into a car’s radio or smartphone to control.

The system is meant to provide a second source of second-hand music, but unlike most Bluetooth speakers it can also play music from a USB-C port, which Amazon says is the same type of connection that a third-party Bluetooth speaker will need.

Second Hand car owners are able to control music on the device through the app or the Amazon Alexa Voice Control app.

For instance, you can play songs from your Spotify playlist on the car, and the car can then play the same music from your car stereo.

Second hand cars can also be controlled from an app, but it’s not clear if that’s how Amazon wants to use Second Hand Connect to control these second hand car speakers.

The second- hand speaker’s design is also unique to Second Hand.

The speaker connects to the car via a USB connection, which is what Second Hand uses.

However, Secondhand’s speakers also work with Amazon Alexa, which means that you will be able to tell your car to play the music in a different way if you want to listen to the same songs on different devices.

Secondhand cars can control their music using Alexa using the SecondHand app on your smartphone or tablet, but you’ll need to connect the speaker to the vehicle first.

There are a few limitations to Secondhand Connect.

You will need to plug the Secondhand car into your car with a USB cable, which isn’t easy.

You can also use an external speaker to control your Secondhand speakers, but Secondhand says that is not supported.

Amazon says Secondhand Car’s Second Hand speaker system is not compatible with Echo Dot devices.

You’ll also need to have an Alexa-enabled device connected to the speaker system, as Amazon does not offer support for third- party Bluetooth speakers on its Echo Dot speakers.

Amazon did say that Second Hand’s Bluetooth speaker systems can be used with Echo speakers, though it said that they can’t control your Echo Dot, and only work with a third party.

Amazon also said that the Second Hand Bluetooth speaker does not have the ability to play music through the Amazon Echo or any other Amazon Echo speaker, although that’s something that’s supported by Echo Dot and other Echo speakers.

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