The second hand car maker Tesla is looking to offer its “guarantees” for second hand cars to consumers in the future.

The company has just announced the “Secondhand Car Guarantee” to customers in Australia and New Zealand.

The guarantee comes with a one-off payment of $3,000 and an annual service fee of $2,000.

Tesla says it will use “self-certification, data science, and analytics” to identify and measure the value of a second-hander.

The company says the promise “can be applied for anywhere” in Australia, and that it’s not just for secondhand cars.

“There are many opportunities to sell a secondhand car to the public.

This is just one of them,” Tesla said.”

In the future, we plan to offer a variety of other products and services to our customers in the form of insurance, leases, vehicle financing, or just a small-volume guarantee.”

The car you own could be the one you return to and you will be proud to have a second hand vehicle to keep in the garage, to be used as a storage device or as a vacation or rental vehicle.

“The company’s insurance will be backed by the Australian government and will be available to “buyers, sellers and drivers alike”.

In order to apply, a prospective buyer must first complete an online application and be approved by Tesla’s insurer.

If the car is returned to Tesla, the buyer will be required to provide a copy of their insurance claim form, and Tesla will also require proof of ownership.

A “guatemalan” will also be required if the vehicle is returned and Tesla is able to confirm ownership.”

Once approved, the car will be transferred to Tesla and the car owner will be given the option of using it as a second home, a holiday home or a rental vehicle,” Tesla wrote in a blog post.”

A car with this guarantee will be registered with Tesla and its owner can track its ownership and performance.

“In the UK, Tesla’s offer comes as more cars are available for second hands, and as consumers have more choice with their cars. 

In Australia, the second hand market has been particularly competitive.

It’s estimated that there are over 400,000 vehicles on the road, with more than 500,000 second hand models available, according to the latest government statistics.

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