SHORTWAVE, N.J. —  A New Jersey woman who was left in the cold by her husband’s first-hand experience of second-world living was stunned and hurt by what happened to her at her home, a former neighbor told CNN affiliate WPIX.

The woman, who was identified by a family friend as Linda Cunanan, was upset when her husband, Kevin, left for the funeral and said he couldn’t wait for his mother, the source said.

But Linda said her husband was not going to wait and was ready to leave the house at 3:30 a.m. when his mother called him to say she’d been attacked and that he was going to call police.

Linda said Kevin was angry because she had not paid her rent, which was due by the end of the month, and had not done a lot of shopping.

When she went outside, she said she was greeted by Kevin’s mother, who accused her of being a burglar.

The neighbor told WPIX that Linda told her her husband she had been hit by a car and that she was going outside to see what was happening.

Kevin Cunnan’s mother told WPix that Kevin told her he had hit her with a baseball bat.

He also told her his brother had thrown rocks at her.

Kevin was arrested on charges of assault and battery and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.

He was held on $1 million bail and has not been in the New Jersey jail since.

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