It’s the perfect time of year to start saving for your second-sale car, says Tesla, which recently announced a new offering of affordable electric cars to the masses.

The electric-car company has unveiled its second-ever electric-traded-car program, which promises customers a 2.5-month free trial with an upgraded Model S, a new model, or a brand new model for just $7.995 when you buy from its new Second Hand Deals.

The Tesla Dealership will be located at the Tesla factory in Fremont, California, the automaker announced in a press release Monday.

The deal includes an all-new model range and pricing for all-electric cars.

In addition, the deal includes the ability to upgrade an existing car for $1,995 to an all new model.

The Tesla Dealers, which are located on site in Fremo, California and Reno, Nevada, are the first Tesla dealers to offer Tesla’s second-level Model S electric sedan for $15,000 in the US.

The program is available to Tesla owners and customers with an active Tesla account.

Tesla announced the Tesla Second Hand deals last year to mark the first year that Tesla is selling its second hand cars on its online website.

Tesla will begin selling these new electric-cars to its retail customers in 2019, with all of the new cars being sold at full retail price, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said at the time.

The Second Hand Sales program, if it works out as hoped, will mean that Tesla owners will have a brand-new Model S car to purchase on their second-year purchase, rather than having to shell out for an older car, Musk said.

For Tesla’s first-time customers, the second-generation Model S is priced at $35,000, while the second model will start at $50,000.

It also comes with a six-month warranty, Tesla said.

Tesla’s Secondhand Deals offer includes a $10,000 discount for customers who buy their secondhand cars through Tesla’s Tesla Model S dealership.

The discount applies to the first-year model and is a direct result of Tesla’s new business model, Musk explained.

Tesla has also offered the Second Hand Dealer program to its customers in Nevada, Arizona, and South Carolina.

Tesla customers in those states can purchase their second hand vehicles for $10.00 off the first.

Tesla has also announced a second-tier range of Model X and XS cars.

This new range will include the all-wheel drive version of the Model X, a fully autonomous version of Model S and a Model X crossover, which will all be available for $35-35,100.

The Model X will be available in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and Alaska, Tesla’s press release said.

The X will also be available on the Tesla App Store for $99.95.

The new Tesla Secondhand Cars offer comes a few months after the company announced the purchase of the secondhand-car startup, Tesla Autopilot, in September 2016.

Tesla Autopolizer was founded by entrepreneur Adam Jonas and was a pioneer in the electric-vehicle market.

The company initially focused on selling self-driving cars and is now selling the Model S for $49,100, which is a significant improvement over its previous range.

The company will continue to expand its Model S sales, and it plans to launch new third-generation cars this year.

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