HONG KONG — Tesla will offer guaranteed first-year second-year car price to first-time buyers on the secondhand market, the second time the electric-automotive giant has made a similar offer, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

The company is considering offering a $3,000 discount to first year buyers, the sources said.

It’s unclear what the company will do with that guarantee, which the sources described as a second-tier guarantee.

First-year buyers are Tesla’s first- and second-generation cars.

As part of the offer, Tesla is offering a two-year lease on its new Model X SUV.

Tesla has long offered second-wheeler lease offers for cars purchased by its customers.

But Tesla hasn’t offered guaranteed first year car prices, or second year leases, in its first two quarters of 2017, according an analyst.

In September, Tesla announced it would offer guaranteed $1,000 first-years, $2,000 second-years and $3 and $4 million second-lifetime leases for first and second generation vehicles.

That same month, Tesla extended its first-month lease for first or second generation electric vehicles, offering a guaranteed $10,000 guarantee.

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