Bose is getting ready to launch its first line of sound-enhanced cars.

The company said Tuesday that it will release a second line of cars, which will be called the Bose 2.

It’s also adding two more sound-activated Bluetooth headphones, and introducing a new sound system that includes an earphone jack, a stereo speaker, and an integrated microphone.

The Bose brand name has become synonymous with sound.

But its new products, including its sound-enabled car, could also change how we think about sound.

First, we’ll probably think of sound more as a system of sounds than as a specific type of sound.

That will be an interesting development.

The second key change will be that we’ll be talking about sound more in a general way, as opposed to using it to define something.

In the next year or two, we could start to think of it more as the foundation of a sound system.

That’s a big deal, because this is a brand that has been at the forefront of technology innovation for a long time.

It has a long history in that regard.

For example, it pioneered the Bluetooth headset and has long been known for using Bluetooth technology to communicate with wireless headphones.

We saw a lot of innovation from Bose in that area.

So when we say that sound is sound, that means that we have a fundamental understanding of how sound interacts with objects and our environment, and we can use sound to communicate.

In fact, one of the things that has made the company so successful over the years is that we can do that by listening to a series of sound waves in an environment that we don’t normally expect to hear them.

Bose also released the first audio-based smart speaker earlier this year.

The new products are the latest effort by the company to get ahead of the curve with sound-powered vehicles, and the new line of vehicles will be Bose products.

The cars will use Bose Sound technology that was first introduced with the company’s popular Bose Bluetooth headset, and will have a new audio interface.

It will include a new Bluetooth speaker that Bose says will be “designed to enhance the quality of the audio, and to provide the sound experience of a true sound system.”

The speaker will also include a Bluetooth remote, a headphone jack, and Bluetooth connectivity for additional devices, including Bluetooth earbuds and earphones.

Bostons first-ever Bluetooth headset was introduced in 2002.

The speaker features a 2-inch, 720-by-360-pixel OLED display.

It was designed to look like the front end of a phone, but it also had a 5-megapixel camera on the front and a front-facing speaker for hands-free calling.

The speakers have been updated to a high-performance model, and they can now be controlled with a smartphone.

The 2-in-1 system includes a new speaker, a new remote, and a new wireless Bluetooth headset.

It is also connected to an Apple iPhone 5S or later, Android phones, and other iOS devices through a wireless connection.

The rear of the speaker has been modified to make it smaller and more comfortable, and there are also new buttons on the speaker’s left side to control the speaker, microphone, and volume controls.

The first sound-based speaker will be the BOSE 2, which is set to be released in 2019.

BOSE said in a press release that the new products will include the same sound and audio capabilities as its earlier products, but with a slightly different design.

The latest products will be more comfortable to hold and wear, and are designed to deliver a richer, fuller sound experience, Bose said.

It also said the new speakers will be available in a range of colors, including gold, silver, and pink.

The next-generation speakers, which are being called the second-generation Bose, will include “new technologies to create an entirely new audio experience,” including new audio-capture technologies and improved wireless audio connectivity.

The products will also be smaller, lighter, and easier to hold, and Bose hopes to sell them as headphones, speakers, or both.


— Bose Inc. is launching a new line that it says will bring new sound and sound-controlled technology to the automotive market.

The Bose team announced today that the Boston sound system will include Bluetooth sound technology that will “enhance the quality and realism of sound,” as well as audio-enabled Bluetooth headphones that will be used in conjunction with the BOS 2.

Bose Sound Systems will be launching the new BOS products in 2019, with the new devices being called “the BOS2” and “the new Bose.”

Bose announced that it plans to launch the new audio systems in “a range of different colors, shapes, and sizes.”

BOS and the BOSTon sound systems will both

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