The electric-vehicle maker Tesla Motors is offering its first guaranteed second hand price for its secondhand cars.

The company is making a similar guarantee for its cars, which will be made for customers who want to have the same quality of car for a longer period of time.

 The guarantee, which Tesla is calling Guaranteed Second Hand, is only available for buyers who have bought their Model S or Model X for at least two years, and the same year.

The first guaranteed third-hand car, which was not available in Hong Kong, was available for just one year. 

The company did not reveal any other prices, but said customers should expect to pay at least $1,000 for a secondhand Model S. According to the company, customers who are looking to buy the same car for less than two years will pay $1.50 for a Model X.

The first two cars were made in Taiwan, which is an international hub for electric vehicles, with a global market size of about 100 million.

The third car was made in China, which has about 40 million electric vehicles and has a relatively high proportion of electric vehicles that are leased.

Tesla did not specify what it was charging for the guarantee.

As a first-time buyer, Tesla Motors will pay a base price of $1 and will get an additional $1 to cover the cost of the guarantee on top of that.

This is the first guarantee of its kind for an electric vehicle, but the company said it would add other guarantees, like a guaranteed third hand car for customers that do not buy the car for more than two and a half years.

Tesla has been expanding its warranty coverage with new models over the past few years, but these new guarantees could be one of the first in a new wave of “guarantee driven” vehicles.

In February, Tesla said it will expand its guarantee coverage to cover customers who bought its Model S and Model X vehicles.

It said that the new guarantee would cover vehicles made in India, China, Brazil, and more countries.

Since Tesla made a big push into the Chinese market last year, the company has added more incentives to the existing guarantee.

The price of the new guaranteed secondhand car will be $1 million and will cover the full cost of its guarantee, with the $1m upfront payment being paid by the customer.

A guarantee does not guarantee a return of the car, but rather it will give the customer a way to return the car to Tesla if it is in the buyer’s hands.

At that point, the customer must pay the difference between the original price of a second-hand Model X and the Guaranteed second hand car.

If the Guarantee car does not return within two years after the original purchase, Tesla will refund the difference to the customer, according to the guarantee terms.

However, this does not mean that the Guarantor will return the customer the car.

The Guarantee can only be offered if the customer returns the car in its original condition.

The Guaranteed Guaranteed guarantee is limited to customers who have owned the car and paid the original $1 price for the car during the warranty period.

For the second-year guarantee, the car will cost $2,500 and the customer will have to pay $500, according the guarantee language.

It will be available to the first-year Guaranteed customers who buy a Model S, Model X, or Model 3, or buy a second hand Model S in Hongkong.

With this guarantee, Tesla is aiming to make the Model S a premium vehicle, as it will likely sell for more.

After the initial guarantee, other models with the Guarante guarantee will also be available for sale in HongKong.

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