Tesla Motors (TSLA) has revealed a plan to ensure a second-home-ownership network remains alive in the future.

The company is set to unveil a new initiative, which it says will ensure a strong network of second-hands by providing guaranteed second-handed cars for a price.

Tesla says the company’s second-homemakers-only program will be a first step towards ensuring that people who buy a car from the company can also get it from a second hand car dealer.

The program is the latest in a series of initiatives that Tesla says will provide a secure, reliable, and affordable way for people to own and use a car they own.

Tesla says that its aim is to help people avoid unnecessary hassle, to help make cars that last, and to make cars for people that they are proud of.

“The new program will make buying and owning second-generation cars safer and more affordable for people of all incomes,” Tesla says.

Tesla’s plans are designed to be easy to understand for both home buyers and anyone who wants to own a car.

It says that people buying a car for the first time, or those who have been renting a car, will be able to make a purchase with their home’s cash or credit card, with a short appointment.

They can then spend the full purchase price at a second home-owners’ car-shop, and then be given a second vehicle for a “second hand price”.

The scheme will be rolled out gradually, Tesla says, and will eventually be available in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India, China, and South Korea.

Secondhand cars will be sold for the cost of the vehicle, which will be guaranteed by the second-homes-only network.

The initiative, however, will also give the secondhand industry an opportunity to improve its product offering.

Tesla is already in the business of selling its own cars through the company car rental service, which allows people to rent a Tesla car at a cost of around $8,000.

Tesla’s plan to offer its own car rental business to third-hand owners will be an opportunity for third-home owners to have access to a safer, more reliable, cheaper way to buy a second car, said Elon Musk, chief executive of Tesla Motors.

While the initiative aims to improve the quality of the second car rental industry, it is also an opportunity, Musk said, for Tesla to “be more competitive and create more opportunities for third parties to compete against Tesla and the rest of the auto industry”.

“This is something that we’ve been thinking about for quite some time,” Musk said.

In recent years, Tesla has invested heavily in developing its own brand of vehicles, with the Model S and Model X cars being the latest examples.

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