A new company called Tesla offers a guarantee that if you buy a second hand car, you can keep it for a lifetime.

It says it has a two-year guarantee for any used car bought from its online platform, Tesla Motors, that it will pay you back if you decide to sell it.

It is the second such guarantee offered by a major electric-vehicle maker after a similar deal with Ford Motor Co.

In April, Tesla announced it had secured a guarantee for the second hand of its electric-cars sold in the US, after Ford struck a deal with the German automaker.

Tesla says it is not the first car maker to offer such a guarantee, but it is the first one to offer it to the US.

Tesla is a subsidiary of electric-mobility giant Tesla Inc, which was founded in 2002 and is owned by the founder and chief executive officer Elon Musk.

The guarantees were announced on the company’s website on Tuesday.

It says the guarantee is for the life of the car and is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

The guarantee does not cover any accessories or parts used in the car, and Tesla does not guarantee that you will still be able to sell the car after the guarantee expires.

Tesla’s offer is similar to the Guaranteed Value Guarantee offered by electric-transport firm Zipcar.

It also has a guarantee if you choose to sell your second hand vehicle.

Zipcar, which is based in San Francisco, does not offer guaranteed second hands but is committed to helping customers sell their used cars.

Its guarantee is not just for second hands, Zipcar says.

It provides a full refund for any unused parts and accessories and a one-time 100 per cent credit towards any electric-bike purchase.

Zipcar does not disclose the amount of the guarantee.

Zipcard, however, has raised concerns that it may not be sufficiently transparent about its guarantee program.

The Zipcar guarantee program, which has already been used by Tesla Motors and other electric-trader firms, does say the company will pay back the difference between the sale price of a car and the value of its car if the car is damaged or sold for less than the value set by the Zipcar Guarantee Program.

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