How to save $10 a month on Tesla’s second hand cars

A Chinese manufacturer has offered a guarantee of $10-a-month second hand car price if you buy one.“Secondhand cars are our first choice.If you buy them, we guarantee you a second chance to get a car,” said Mr Zhang, an employee of the Shanghai auto giant Tsinghua University.A company official in Shenzhen said he did not know what the second-hand car […]

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Why Tesla has an electric car option for the second hand

BY JAMES DOWD Tesla Motors announced on Thursday it will offer a secondhand car-maker’s Tesla Model S secondhand for $1,100.The price for the Model S sedan, which starts at $69,900, has been announced in the past, but it was $1.2 million in 2017 and $2.1 million in 2018.The announcement is the second time Tesla Motors has announced its second-half 2017 […]

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How Tesla and TSLA are going after second-handed cars

TSLAs first-hand cars are a popular purchase for many consumers in California.But in order to make the sale, automakers typically require a two-year lease.Tesla and Tesla’s second-person-only Model S have a two year lease, while Tesla’s autopilot car and Tesla Powerwall have a three-year one.Tesla has the luxury of making a deal with third-party car dealerships to sell their cars, […]

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