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First Tesla Motors has announced the first car guarantee deal that will see a customer who buys an electric car get a second car for free.

The deal is for a car that was bought for $1.25 million and is already on the road, and the buyer is not obligated to pay the cost of the second car.

For the first Tesla car, a $1 million purchase is free.

For the second Tesla car it’s $1-1,750.

While it’s an initial offer, it’s worth noting that Tesla already offers car guarantees.

Last year, Tesla Motors said it would offer a car guarantee for $5,000, but it didn’t end up getting as many orders as it initially hoped.

In a statement, Tesla said it will offer a $5-1 car guarantee to those who buy the car for the first time.

“This guarantee is only for the customer’s first Tesla vehicle purchase and only for a limited time.

If you’re a current Tesla customer and wish to take advantage of this offer, please visit Tesla’s website and sign up for our Car Guarantee program,” it said.

Tesla’s second car guarantee offer is similar to a $25,000 offer made last year, but the $25k guarantee is still on the books.

Here’s a full list of what Tesla Motors is offering for the guarantee.

Tesla is also offering a $250 car insurance policy for first-time buyers.

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