The electric-vehicle maker Tesla is offering guaranteed second-hand cars to customers for a $25,000 investment.

The first-hand car program was launched last month in partnership with Honda, which provides a $5,000 loan.

The second-Hand Car Guarantee Program is expected to begin this summer.

The Tesla website describes the program as providing guaranteed second hand-cars for anyone who has been unable to secure a second hand car, and who does not have a current car loan or lease.

Tesla says it is the first automaker to offer a guarantee program that also covers “owners who are not a Tesla owner, but still want a secondhand car.”

The first car program offers a $250,000 grant, but the guarantee program is expected cost $5 million.

In addition to guaranteeing cars for a second year, the company is offering to offer second hand care to any customer who has an issue with the second- hand car.

The program is available in the U.S. only.

Tesla has also announced plans to build its own factory to produce the first-generation Model 3.

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