A Tesla offer to guarantee the price of a second-hand electric car to an electric car buyer, according to the company, was made available to buyers during the week of April 15, the company announced today.

In a blog post today, Tesla said that its “guarantee” was made possible by the availability of its Model S electric car.

The company’s offer was made at the end of the month, and it covers a range of items, including battery costs and other costs, and is “subject to a $100 per month annual fee,” according to Tesla.

The offer is not limited to new Model S cars, the Tesla company said.

The offer comes at a time when the electric car market is rapidly expanding, especially in the U.S. as demand grows.

As electric cars become more widely available, automakers have been trying to make sure their vehicles are affordable.

In April, Tesla announced it would start charging its Model X SUV, which it said would be “more than $50,000 cheaper than the average car in the market.”

Tesla is offering a $50 “gift” to anyone who wants to get a Model X, which comes in two versions: the base model, which has an MSRP of $70,000; and the XS model, priced at $100,000.

The “gifts” can be exchanged for a Model S or XS, and the offer is available to both current and prospective buyers.

For more on the Tesla offer, read Tesla’s blog post about the guarantee.

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