Tesla unveiled its second-gen Model 3 electric car on Tuesday at a press event in Fremont, California.

It sold more than 2,000 cars, but the second-generational model has a much higher price tag than its predecessor.

It’s priced at $35,000 (HK$42,000) in the US, but that will rise to $50,000 in China, $65,000 on international sales, and $100,000 with the purchase of an extended warranty.

In the UK, the price of the first generation Model 3 is £32,000, and in Germany, €35,900.

The second generation is priced at £36,000.

It will have a much smaller battery pack, and the range will be lower, but it will be cheaper than its predecessors.

“The cost of owning a Tesla is going to be much higher than it was in the past,” Musk said.

Musk says the first car is a “complete” Model 3. “

If you’re interested in a Tesla, then we want to help you buy a Model S, which is going for $75,000,” he added.

Musk says the first car is a “complete” Model 3.

He said that if you buy an Extended Warranty and an extended car warranty, the Model 3 will cost $90,000 to $100.

The car has an 8-kilometre range, which means it can go from 0 to 100 kilometres (62 miles) in less than 5 minutes.

It has a range of more than 200 kilometres.

Tesla plans to offer a “large” Model S and a “smaller” Model X, but those models will have smaller battery packs.

“In 2023 we will have both Model S models,” Musk added.

“They will be slightly different.

The larger Model S is going into a car factory, and it’s going to have two-seaters, so it’s a little bigger than the Model X.”

Musk said that the Model S will have more storage capacity, and will have some new features.

“You can actually use the same battery pack as a Model X. You don’t have to do it twice,” he said.

Musk said the new Model 3 can have a range up to 265 kilometres, and Tesla plans on using the technology in future vehicles.

Musk is now the CEO of Tesla, but he still has some control over the company.

“My job is to make sure the cars run as well as possible, so we can deliver on the promise of the product,” he told Reuters.

“So I have a lot of control over this company.

It doesn’t have an owner.”

Tesla’s second-Gen Model 3 sedan will go on sale in 2026.

The company is also expected to unveil the second generation Model X SUV and a new electric truck in 2018.

“Tesla is really taking the next step in what they’re trying to do with autonomous driving,” said Ian Crouch, chief executive of Autopilot Research.

“I think the first thing you notice about this new product is that they’re taking a very traditional approach to what you would expect from a modern electric vehicle.”

The company will also offer the second version of its Model S SUV, called the Model XXL, in 2019.

Musk plans to build a fully autonomous Tesla car, but not for sale.

“It’s really only for private use,” he explained.

“There’s no way for the public to buy it.

We’re just going to put it in private hands.”

Musk’s Model 3 car will not have a “second-gen” name.

The vehicle will be called the Tesla Model X S. Tesla said it will not be called a “Model X” or a “Tesla”.

“The Model X is the name of our new SUV,” Musk told Reuters on Tuesday.

“And I’ll say it again.

It is the most advanced SUV ever built.”

Musk is expected to present his first-gen Tesla Model 3 on Tuesday, but a press conference is likely to be held in January, and a public unveiling will take place on May 15.

Tesla expects to be selling the first version of the Model Y in 2020, but if the company can’t get the Model Model X into mass production then it will likely be the first vehicle to be made available for the mass market.

Tesla will also be launching the Model C, which will be smaller, lighter and have a lower-range Model 3 SUV.

Musk has said that he will make the Model F and Model X smaller than the first two, and he has said he will build a larger version of his Model 3 at the same time.

Musk’s first-Gen Tesla Model Y

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