Posted January 25, 2018 06:23:57I have a Honda CR-V that was recently leased to a customer in Boise, Idaho.

I drive it every day, but the engine is out of date.

The vehicle was originally leased in February 2017.

A couple of weeks ago, I called the dealership to check on the status of the engine and was told that the vehicle was out of warranty.

The dealership manager confirmed this to me, and I then called the service department to inquire about the status.

There is nothing I can do to get the engine back on the road, the manager said.

I am waiting to hear back from the dealership.

How do I contact the dealership?

How do I get my Honda CRV back on road?

I contacted Honda’s customer service, and they were unable to answer my questions.

I was told to call Honda’s public relations department.

They are not authorized to provide information to this reporter, but they did send me a call number.

When I spoke to the representative, I was directed to an email address.

I sent a message to the number, and when I received a reply, the email address did not work.

The rep said that Honda’s phone number is a public service number and the company would not give me any information regarding this.

Does Honda take the issue of engine failure seriously?

Yes, Honda takes these issues very seriously.

The company works closely with the manufacturer, Honda Motor Co., Ltd., to make sure that any engine problem is immediately corrected.

The manufacturer also has an independent investigation team, which investigates engine failure reports.

Do you have a repairman?


Honda has an experienced mechanic on staff.

Honda provides its repairmen with an excellent repair program.

Do I need a new engine?

Yes if the engine fails.

How long does it take to get a new Honda CRv engine?

About 30 days, depending on the engine.

Are Honda CRVs equipped with automatic transmission?

No, the CRV’s automatic transmission is not available.

Are there any modifications that I need to make to the CRVs?

Yes there are modifications that can be made to improve the handling of the CRv.

How can I keep the CRVS running?

You can install a new oil filter.

Honda recommends that you replace the oil filter with a new one.

The oil filter is the plastic part of the transmission that sits in the top of the dash and has a larger diameter than the oil.

This allows the oil to drain into the engine’s oil pan without the need for any other modifications.

What if the oil leaks during a test drive?

If you have the option to install a filter, you will need to remove the top cover of the oil pan.

The driver must open the oil and remove the filter cover, which will come off with a flathead screwdriver.

Is it necessary to replace the clutch?

The CRV is equipped with a clutch, and you will not need to replace it.

Does the clutch need to be replaced?


The clutch is designed to hold the engine in place.

Does this mean that the CRIV cannot drive on its own?

Yes it does not.

The CRV requires a set of two clutches to allow the engine to keep running.

How will I be able to control the engine without using a crutch?

No the engine will work as long as the clutch is not used.

How are the CRVB’s gears controlled?

The gears are controlled by a pulley system.

The crankshaft spins in a gear ratio that matches the clutch’s gearing.

How does this happen?

When the engine starts, the crankshaws pulley moves forward.

This movement is controlled by the pulley motor that moves the pulleys in the right direction.

If the engine doesn’t start up, then the pullets are not moving.

If you press the accelerator pedal, the engine can be controlled by just one or two gears.

How about the engine speed?

When I have the clutch and clutch gearbox in neutral, the crank shafts rotate in a different direction than the crank, which causes the crutch shafts to rotate in the opposite direction.

This means that the engine speeds up, but it also means that there is a significant loss of torque.

The engine is driven to a maximum speed when the cranking is in neutral.

The speed of the cranked engine is set by the speed of torque on the clutch.

Is there a way to adjust the engine for different engine speeds?

No; the crank shafts are not controlled by this gear.

They operate in a constant ratio.

What happens if the transmission has an error?

The transmission will have an error when it is in gear, which means that it will spin the clutch or the crushes the cradles.

The transmission will automatically compensate for this error, so it will never stop.

When will the transmission get an error and I can correct it?

When it detects

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