A year ago, the owner of a $2,000 Tesla Model S started selling the car online, and a month later he was able to buy a new one.

The $5,000 vehicle was supposed to be his first Tesla, but it didn’t arrive in his home state until December, and it took him a year and a half to get the car he wanted, he told Wired.

The Tesla owner told Wired that he’d had a car that didn’t work for a few years, but his wife and son wanted a new vehicle, so he figured that maybe he could just buy one.

So, he did, and he got his first Model S in March.

He said that he had a lot of experience with cars, and had owned one before, but the car had trouble braking for long distances, and that he could drive in traffic.

He also noted that he couldn’t go online to buy the car, and to buy it in the states where it was supposed be available was “a little bit of a hassle,” he said.

So he ended up ordering one from a third-party dealer, and by July, he was ready to buy.

But it wasn’t to be.

The car had problems with a transmission, and Tesla’s warranty didn’t cover the cost of a new transmission, which the owner said he’d have to pay for himself.

Tesla said that it had been able to repair the problem, but that it was still in “the early stages of repair,” and it was “not likely to be resolved in time for your purchase,” Tesla said in a statement to Wired.

Tesla also said that the Tesla owner had been charged a late fee for the repair, which Tesla said was “for an issue with the transmission.”

The problem Tesla said it was able with the car is that the owner didn’t have a “good enough” quality of warranty to replace the transmission.

“Tesla has an extremely high quality warranty program that requires you to have a high level of reliability in order to be eligible for warranty repair and replacement,” Tesla told Wired in an email.

Tesla also said it had contacted the owner, and “provided a letter of intent to resolve the issue.”

“Tesla is actively working with the Tesla Owner to resolve this issue,” the company said.

The owner is currently considering whether to pursue a claim with Tesla.

Tesla has been struggling with issues with warranty repairs in the past.

In January, Tesla said that about 3.4 million customers had received their vehicles’ warranty repairs, and 1.3 million of those had been returned.

In March, the company also said about 8.7 million customers received warranty repairs.

Tesla hasn’t made any public statements about the problems with the warranty, but in March, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that Tesla had been “satisfied” with the quality of the warranty.

Musk also told Wired on Thursday that Tesla is working on a “more comprehensive repair plan” to repair parts and get the vehicle back online.

Tesla’s warranty is only for five years, and Musk said at the time that the company was working to get all its customers covered for their warranty.

But Tesla has been dealing with some serious problems, with at least one customer being charged a $4,500 late fee in January for a car he bought after the company had received about 2,000 warranty repairs and about 100,000 customer reports of the car’s reliability issues.

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