Car ownership in the country is changing fast, but it’s not as if the trend is going unnoticed.

Photo: Alex Ellinghausen Car ownership is growing, but not as fast as it used to be.

The share of the population who own a car has doubled in the past decade.

In 2014-15, 26 per cent of Australians owned a car.

Now it’s more than 40 per cent, and in 2016-17, the figure jumped to 56 per cent.

So what is driving the trend?

While Australians have moved from a world of auto-centric culture to a more consumer-centric one, many drivers are still reluctant to buy a new vehicle, especially when it comes to gas and maintenance costs.

Even if they do, the big question is, what do they want?

It’s a big question.

“The new drivers don’t want the whole vehicle to be out of service,” says Stephen Wilson, a senior lecturer in transportation at the University of Technology, Sydney.

They want the basics of a car, like the engine, transmission and brakes, as well as the range and value of the car, and they want a car that they can drive on a regular basis.

Many Australians buy their cars online.

But not everyone does.

If you want to be really careful, you can get a car online with a car service like CARGO, or buy it from an established car dealer.

And many Australian car buyers aren’t ready to pay $150,000 for a new car, let alone $180,000.

How you buy a car in Australia is now changing.

For the past few years, the average price of a new motor vehicle has fallen by over a third, and the average cost of maintenance has risen by a third.

However, many Australians are still hesitant to buy their first car, at least for a few years.

While it’s cheaper to buy your first car online, it’s harder to buy an old car if you’re a young person.

Buying an old vehicle isn’t cheap, and it’s unlikely that you’ll ever be able to afford a replacement.

Most people will pay around $100,000 to $150 000 for a vehicle, depending on the vehicle, and there are some car dealers who charge an extra $200,000 or more for a service like a new transmission.

Some Australians are also concerned about the health and safety of a vehicle.

A recent study by the Car Safety Foundation found that one in three Australian drivers think a car should be fitted with anti-lock brakes.

What do you think of the changes?

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