When it rains, Boise welcomes cars to town

BOISE, Idaho – Boise is not only the epicenter of Idaho’s automobile boom.Boize has also been a leader in attracting second- and third-hand cars to the region, a new trend that is drawing interest from a wide range of businesses and consumers, said Craig Kuchar, vice president of operations for the Boise-based National Automobile Dealers Association.“Boise, like many places, is […]

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Secondhand care prices on the rise, official says

secondhand care pricing in the United States has risen to its highest level since early 2012, according to a second-quarter report released Tuesday by the Consumer Price Index.The consumer price index, a broad measure of inflation, rose 0.6 percent in January to 1,822.62.The index was also revised up from its previous estimate of 1,805.22.The consumer price inflation rate rose to […]

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Tesla offers guaranteed second-hands for Tesla cars

A Tesla Motors (TSLA) car dealership in Boise, Idaho, is offering customers guaranteed second hands at a price they can afford.The offer was made to promote the company’s “Buy It Now” program, which gives Tesla buyers the opportunity to pick up their car within three days after they receive their order.Tesla has been criticized for charging customers a price for […]

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