A Tesla Motors (TSLA) car dealership in Boise, Idaho, is offering customers guaranteed second hands at a price they can afford.

The offer was made to promote the company’s “Buy It Now” program, which gives Tesla buyers the opportunity to pick up their car within three days after they receive their order.

Tesla has been criticized for charging customers a price for the vehicle that is far higher than other car manufacturers that have offered similar programs.

The company said on Monday that the offer is only available to Tesla owners who purchase a second-generation Model S. The automaker has been selling the second-gen Model S sedan for $72,000 since December of last year, but customers can also buy a new Model S that is priced from $71,500, according to Tesla.

“We’ve been doing a lot of things in the last couple of months that we don’t think people would expect us to do, so the $72k offer is definitely something that we didn’t think would work,” Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, told Bloomberg on Monday.

“It really is a great incentive to get a car in the first place, to do it in a timely fashion, and we’ve been able to do that.”

The offer has been made available to all customers who bought the second generation Model S during the first half of the year, according.

Tesla was not immediately available for comment.

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